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Communication and Comprehension

Bridging The Distance with The Rise of Tele-Health

There is increasing interest in telehealth as means to improve access to care and decrease costs associated with patients traveling for traditional face-to-face encounters.

Via telehealth, it will first help in categorising cases that require in-person assessment or further care, particularly useful to.... continue reading


Communication and Comprehension

Business and Professional Communication

To demonstrate excellence in professional communication, know that excellence is not equivalent to relaying a message effectively or simply demonstrating communication competencies...... continue reading


Communication and Comprehension

Improving Family Communication with Children

Communicating well with children improves relationship, also encourages them to listen to you, making tough parts of parenting much easier and effective. Healthy communication with your child is one of the most important skill that you can develop as a parent. ..... continue reading


Communication and Comprehension

During Conflicts and Misunderstandings - Workplace Situation

Sharing and receiving ideas are inevitable, how not to jeopardize a harmonious workplace relationship? Good communication is essential for productive and maintaining better working relationships at all levels of an organisation.... continue reading

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