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Food and Fettle

Ketogenic Diet in Cancer Care

The keto diet have been widely used in medical nutrition therapy for epilepsy. It is a diet with high fat (70%), moderate protein (25%) and very low carbohydrate (5%) percentages, which force the body to undergo ketosis, burning fat for energy. Most of the keto diet studies are done on mice, and there is a lack of clear, clinical studies for its effectivity in humans.

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Food and Fettle

Meal Prep: What Is It and How To Do It?

Watching what you eat may prove to be a bit tricky, especially in Singapore. 

Singapore, unlike many other countries, has extraordinary convenience when it comes to obtaining various food at affordable prices. Paired together with the common stressful and fast-paced lifestyle, one has little time to prepare proper meals for themselves at home.

Unfortunately, many tips for eating clean often lead back to cooking for... continue reading


Food and Fettle

Combating Low Testosterone Levels

Testosterone levels decline with age, and a subset of men over age 40 may display clinically relevant testosterone deficiency syndrome. Some testosterone deficiency symptoms can be managed with reversal of an underlying medical cause, drug therapy or lifestyle modifications. Treatment of sleep apnea, weight reduction and... continue reading

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Food and Fettle

Salt (Sodium ) in Your Common Foods

Salt contains 40% of sodium, and is used for food flavouring and stabiliser, also as a food preservative. It is estimated that we need about 500mg daily for vital functions of nerve and muscle functions in the body, as well as to balance water and minerals in the blood stream. ... continue reading

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