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During Conflicts and Misunderstandings

- Workplace Situation

Sharing and receiving ideas are inevitable, how not to jeopardize a harmonious workplace relationship? Good communication is essential for productive and maintaining better working relationships at all levels of an organisation. 

Knowing your communication style

Are you an introvert or extrovert? A thinker or a feeler?

Thinkers are guided by cause-and-effect reasoning. When communicating with thinkers, you will want to focus on the facts and logic. Feelers, on the other hand, are guided more by personal values. When engaging with feelers, you will want to appeal to those values and stress their impact on others.


What to do during conflicts and misunderstandings?

The most desirable outcome is consensus, but if certain situations do not permit, a majority vote, third party mediation, or temporary suspension of discussion may be necessary. For a group meeting, send out an early agenda, express the intent and structure decision making with key questions. Propose several possible solutions to any problems and narrow to the best one. 


Handling criticism

Giving and receiving criticism is a normal scenario in the workplace, and often uncomfortable for all parties involved. Try to keep a collaborative and solution-focused conversation, to maintain emotional control. Choose a comfortable and private setting to present your opinions with specific details and information as objective as possible. 

Of course, every one of us has our own way of dealing with conflicts, share with us on our Facebook, if you have any other effective method, apart from those found in this list :)

(Updated : December, 2019)


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reference : How to communicate more effectively in the workplace, Harvard Extension School of Professional Development 

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