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Physique and Physiology

Body Fat & Prostate Cancer

Excess weight not only raises your risk of prostate cancer, but also higher chance of developing an aggressive and fatal cancer. The Abdominal (Waist Area) and Thigh Subcutaneous Fat, The accumulation of visceral fat (the ones around

the mid-waist that surrounds the major organs)and subcutaneous fat (below the skin) in the

thighs were linked ... continue reading


Physique and Physiology

Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

One of the most common problems amongst older adults in Singapore are urological stone diseases. Most people encounter urinary stones when they are around 35 to 60 years old.

These urological stones are firm masses made up of mineral and salt crystals which can develop anywhere along the urinary tract. Some can be as a small as a grain of sand which you could unknowingly pass during urination, while some can be... continue reading


Physique and Physiology

ML've, Fitness and You

“Exercise more and eat healthier.” You hear it far too often whenever you visit your doctor and it’s almost as if it is a panacea for all ailments – Is it?

Well no, not literally, but what it is – it is more than just a physical activity to get your exterior appearance “into shape”. And it does so, remarkably well, for your immune system.

Research has shown conclusive evidence that moderate exercise will... continue reading


Physique and Physiology

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, a Pressing Issue

A common disease in older men when the prostate grows in size, it brings with itself many unwanted social hinderances and complications.


The prostate gland is a part of the male reproductive system and it secretes nutrients for the sperm for reproduction. It naturally starts to grow from around the age of 35, however, it is not until later in life when it starts to pose as an issue. The pressing issue of an enlarge prostate gland bears are its obstructive and/or irritative tendencies when... continue reading

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