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Business and Professional Communication

To demonstrate excellence in professional communication,

know that excellence is not equivalent to relaying a message effectively or

simply demonstrating communication competencies.


Some fundamental areas of communication include verbal, non-verbal and listening. In a workplace setting, it is often present during job seeking process, adapting with workplace culture and diversity, interpersonal communication, team communication, communication and technology, written communication, leadership, presentation and more.


Communication initiation, maintenance and disengagement are all pertinent skills to have in the workplace, with  coworkers, supervisors, customers, vendors and subordinates. Having to balance small talk, self-disclosure, task delegation and many others, communication is important to reduce tension and negative consequences such as misunderstanding, dispute, jobs delay,etc.


As for a work presentation, it is best to be informative, persuasive, knowing who your target audience, and knowing ways to present an engaging, memorably effective introduction and conclusion 


Effective business and professional communication also requires you to be an effective writer, by using correct structure of information, using the right tone of language, appropriate length for the message, maintain good credibility and appropriate use of grammar and punctuation to emphasize professionalism. 


Some of the key to communication in the workplace :

1. know yourself

  • assess skills actively and develop strategies to utilise strengths and improve the weaknesses

2. develop skill to communicate with a variety of audience and context

3. reflect on the interaction with others and observe cues from the other person

  • try practicing active  listening and empathy, ask clarifying questions too

  • observe your body language, eye contact, hand gestures and tone of voice

  • be concise in your messages

  • be open-minded, friendly with smile and friendly tone, with firmness and confidence in the words


Any other tips that you would like to share for effective professional communication? :) 

(Updated : December, 2019)

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