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Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life

It turns what we have into enough,

and more

Melody Beattie

The ML've

VervEndeavour, in short ve, the health care subsidiary of the ML group, ML've, joins tribute to our parents ML, embodying love, aspires to transcend our heritage values to embrace gratitude as a pillar of belief that shape our endeavours and practices.

ML've Motto

“am Loved. Live life.”

Connotes Mindfulness to live life with love. Love Liberates soul and spirit. Love enhances life with strength, Valor and solace. Love Enlightens life even in adversity.

ML've Philosophy

We pride in our belief that we are today an attribute of our benefactors and their grace. We aspire to translate that blessing to assurance and well-being to the people in our care. We embrace and cherish life we care for, with love.