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Bridging the Distance with the

Rise of Telehealth

There is increasing interest in telehealth as means to improve access to care and decrease costs associated with patients traveling for traditional face-to-face encounters.

Via telehealth, it will first help in categorising cases that require in-person assessment or further care, particularly useful to follow up for patients after undergoing any surgical operations as well. For instance, a possible infection post discharge can also be earlier detected and reported during a telehealth session, that was not present prior during the in-clinic or ward session.

Virtual health visit (telehealth) can replace office visits for many patients without compromising quality of care and communication. The personal video chat communications between a health professional and patient, with prescription and advices sent on the spot can improve patient convenience without sacrificing quality of care.

Do you know that for ML’veGreat★ membership offers e-Screening and e-Consultation with our Medical Team? This telemedicine option is now available for those who sign up under this category? For further details of sign up, click here. You can view available slots, and book your sessions through the page too, without having to call the hotline or sending an email!

Patients who needed multiple frequent visits to clinic, international patients or local patients with frequent overseas work travel or older patients whom travel was difficult to arrange, the telehealth would definitely be of great benefit to better, consistent quality of care, with less time spent travelling and waiting for a traditional consultation.

(Updated : January, 2020)

Disclaimer : The website may contain information relating to various conditions and treatment, gathered and sourced from reputable sources. However, this is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, it is solely intended for informational purposes only. Patients should always consult with a doctor or healthcare provider for thorough medical advice and information about diagnosis and treatment.

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