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Soul and Spirit

Habits of Happiness - Good Relationships and Act of Kindness

Self-disclosure of personal feelings help in relief of stress and depression, listening and responding in encouraging ways are also effective to cultivate positive emotions and deepen relationships. People who showed the fewest signs of depression were those with strong ties to friends and family, with commitment to... continue reading


Soul and Spirit

What does the science say about meditation?

Mindfulness meditation involves focusing on your breathing and then bringing your mind’s attention to the present without drifting into concerns about the past or future. It helps you break the train of your everyday thoughts to evoke the relaxation response, using whatever technique feels right to you. . .. continue reading


Soul and Spirit

Be kind about your wandering mind - Mindfulness meditation guide

Instead of wrestling with your thoughts, practice observing without reacting, during the session, it is absolutely normal to be getting lost in thoughts. 25 minutes of mindfulness meditation can... continue reading

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Soul and Spirit

Positive psychology in practice

Positive psychology explores how we can be happier and more fulfilled. It focuses on what is already there within us, instead of targeting to bring about change at cognitive level.

According to Martin Seligman, often regarded as the founder of positive psychology

... continue reading

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