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Improving Family Communication With Children

Communicating well with children improves relationship, also encourages them to listen to you, making tough parts of parenting much easier and effective. Healthy communication with your child is one of the most important skill that you can develop as a parent. 


Try :

1. Give clear and age-appropriate messages to make sure your child understand what

    you have said.

2. Give compliments when you can.

3. Be truthful 

4. Always communicate your feelings calmly

5. Use talking times as teachable moments, show interest by saying things like, "tell me 

    more..", "really.." and "go on.."

6. When you are upset with your child, let your child know that it is the behaviour, not the

    child itself is the problem.

7. Model what you want your child to do.


Refrain from :

1. Name call/ blame. Replace "You are bad" with "i don't like the way you are acting"

2. Yelling or threatening

3. Lie or tell your child half-truths.

4. Use silence to express strong feelings, it will frighten and confuse the children.


if you are getting out of patience,

here are few ways to calm yourself when you feel stressed.

1. Take a few deep breaths slowly

2. Wait 5 minutes before starting to talk to your child

3. Try to find a word to label what you are feeling, be sure that is appropriate for your


4. Share your feelings of frustration with your spouse or friend.

5. Deal with the present, do not hold grudges.

6. If necessary, if you feel that you have lost control, seek professional help. 

(Updated : December, 2019)

Disclaimer : The website may contain information relating to various conditions and treatment, gathered and sourced from reputable sources. However, this is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, it is solely intended for informational purposes only. Patients should always consult with a doctor or healthcare provider for thorough medical advice and information about diagnosis and treatment.


Reference : American Academy of Paediatrics, Healthy Communication with Your Child.

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