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Habit of Happiness

- Good Relationships & Act of Kindness

Self-disclosure of personal feelings help in relief of stress and depression,

listening and responding in encouraging ways are also effective to cultivate

positive emotions and deepen relationships.


  1. People who showed the fewest signs of depression were those with strong ties to friends and family, with commitment to spend time with them. A study on the quality of relationships found that to avoid loneliness, people only needed one close relationship coupled with a network of other relationships.

  2. In order to build a close relationship, it requires willingness to discuss and share personal issues, as well as feelings, without this, people with friends would still feel lonely.

  3. Having close social network at work and maintaining low marital distress are also pertinent in one’s happiness and life satisfaction.

Happiness may be gained more when one provides more social support than receiving it. People also tend to experience a loss of sense of meaning in the lives if they live in social exclusion or isolation.

People who care for others’ well-being are also happier and less depressed. People who volunteer or care for others on a consistent basis tend to have better psychological well-being and higher life satisfaction. There is a significant association between caring for others’ well-being and increased positive effect (long-lasting, persisted for 3 months in some of the cases) on psychological well-being.


Let’s try today, slowly open up and speak to your close friend/ family about your personal feelings, and don’t forget, spread kindness 😊

(updated : January, 2020)

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