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“Exercise more and eat healthier.”


You hear it far too often whenever you visit your doctor and it’s almost as if it is a panacea for all ailments – Is it?


Well no, not literally, but what it is – it is more than just a physical activity to get your exterior appearance “into shape”. And it does so, remarkably well, for your immune system.

Research has shown conclusive evidence that moderate exercise will boost your immune system – your immune system fends off infections – by increasing your white blood cell count.

“But that’s for illnesses like the common cold.”


The boosting of the immune system is but one of the many benefits. There is a myriad of benefits and many of which helps with diseases beyond the common cold.


For example, take the 2 most common chronic diseases in Singapore:


Heart Diseases – By exercising you are ‘activating’ your muscles, and to ‘activate’ your muscles, sufficient blood is required to be circulated through it. That means your heart muscle has to work harder to beat faster and ultimately, your heart will get ‘stronger’ and healthier with consistent exercise.


Diabetes Mellitus – Exercising and using your muscles increases glucose uptake without the need of insulin, that means your already limited insulin has less glucose to use and store. In addition, where diabetics are prone to heart diseases like arteriosclerosis (blocked arteries), exercise is effective in maintaining a good cholesterol level to prevent it.

“Is exercising dangerous for me?”


No, but only in moderation. The image of exercising – to some – may be of a muscular man loading up plates onto a barbell. That is not the type of exercise we are advocating – yet. Rather, it is the aerobic exercises that has the greatest benefits – jogging, swimming, cycling, tai chi – even simply brisk walking – has proven to have noticeable benefits in health.

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Though, one must take necessary precautions before exercising by speaking with their doctor. Know your limits and make sure you do not overexert yourself as that may have enabling effects with your condition. Again – speak with your doctor.


Lastly, exercising is not a miraculous and instantaneous cure-all. Its benefits are subtle and long-term, it is a commitment to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle.


"am Loved. Live Life"


Never let your bad days get the better of you and lose your motivation. Remember that you are doing this for more than just yourself, but rather your loved ones who are there to support your change and lifestyle. You are loved, so live life well.

(updated : December, 2019)

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