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Mind and Matter

Are you getting overly connected?

In recent years, the worldwide percentage of smartphone owners and users has increased steadily. With features including, among others, communication, Internet, and multimedia, smartphones—not least because of their convenience —have several benefits such as productivity enhancement,.... 

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Soul and Spirit

Attachment Theory in Grief

The late British psychiatrist, John Bowlby, came up with the attachment theory to conceptualise the tendency in human beings to create strong affectionate bonds with others, and a way to understand the strong emotional reaction that occurs when those bonds are threatened or broken... continue reading

Food and Fettle

Processed Vs UltraProcessed Foods

If according to the 5% out of 2000 calories eaten per day, that is a mere 100 calories! Approximately, a slice of bread, as example. For those who ate approximately 70% of their calories from ultra processed food were 50% likely to have a less ideal cardiovascular health.... continue reading


Physique and Physiology

Strength Training - Are You Doing Enough

Resistance training is to improve muscle fitness by exercising a muscle or a muscle group against  external resistance. American College of Sports Medicine recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity in a week. Moderate-intensity activity guide is that it makes you work hard enough to break a sweat, but still able to carry on a conversation.... continue reading

Intellect and Intuition

Reducing Food Waste, Saving The Environment

Food waste, a growing problem that affects corporations, hospitals, schools, restaurants and individual households. It is having an increasing negative impact on the global environment.Food waste includes any food that is discarded during processing, handling, storage, preparation, cooking and serving... continue reading


Communication and Comprehension

Social Media Habits and Job Selection

Employment is thought to be more enjoyable and beneficial to individuals and society when there is alignment between the person and the occupation. Understanding the key personality of different roles could be the key to matching a person and the ideal occupation. For instance, software programmer and scientists tend to be more open to experience, while sports players tend to be more conscientious and agreeable.

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