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Radiopharmaceutical Therapy - Xofigo

Radium 223 Dichloride is the generic name for Xofigo. Xofigo is a alpha particle-emitting radioactive therapeutic agent. 

Xofigo (Ra223) is a type of internal radiotherapy treatment for cancer that began in prostate and has spread to the bones.

Xofigo is suitable for metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer mCRPC patients on second-generation hormonal therapy that has bone metastases, and no visceral metastases, and a suspected disease progression such as increase in biomarker levels or emerging symptoms (use of analgesics).

Xofigo extends the median overall survival to 14.9 months. Xofigo can be used after chemotherapy, with no known drug-drug interaction and can be administered without steriods or needing to fast.

Treatment can be completed in 5 months with 6 injections in total, where you can return home after the injection. 

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