What is Varicoele?

Varicocele is defined as an enlargement of the veins within the loose bag of skin that holds your testicles, commonly the cause of low sperm production and decreased sperm quality.


The factors to consider prior to treatment of the varicocele will depend on the following: Age of the patient and Grade of the varicocele The younger the patient is, the lower the grades of varicocele that will not require surgical treatment (provided the patient has no symptoms). The patient will only require conservative treatment of wearing tight underwear and not straining it so as to aggravate the varicocele. However, if it is grade is III and the patient sperm count is low, then surgical treatment may be necessary. Symptoms of the varicocele If the patient has symptoms (pain or discomfort), especially relating to higher grades, then surgical treatment is necessary. Effects of varicocele if not treated The varicocele is due to back flow of venous blood from the renal vein into the testicular area. This will cause increasing testicular temperature and draining of toxic material from the kidneys into the testes. This will cause low sperm count and quality and atrophy of the testes and eventually cause early andropause. In these circumstances, surgical treatment is advised when the varicocele is grade II or III. When the loss of testicular volume is great, early legation of the varicocele may see greater benefits. You may further discuss with our urologist for consultations.

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