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Urogenital Trauma

What is Urogenital trauma?

Trauma like post Road Traffic Accident or post-operation involving the penis, prostate, urethra, urinary bladder, inguinal area or the testes will usually influence the erection directly, affecting the mechanism or psychologically affecting the patients as they are worried or too focused on whether or not the penis can perform normally.


Treatment of urogenital trauma varies which can be minor to complex cases including severity, location and type of injury, patient's health and if there is any other injuries. Management may be as follow:

  • Short-term management such as catherisation or stent
  • For kidney injuries, surgery may be required
  • For ureteral injuries, stenting may be required
  • For bladder injuries, dependable on its type either requires catheterisation or surgery
  • For urethral injuries, usually recommend for surgery repair or insert a suprabic catheter
  • For penile injuiries, usually requires surgical repair but also require X-ray to determine involvement of urethral
  • For testicular injuries, ultrasound will be required to evaluate the damage and possible surgery may be proposed.
The above management will be dependable on our urologist at consultation time.