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What is Subfertility?

It means there is a delay in conceiving which may be due to either male or female infertility or even both. Some of the subfertility can be from, but not limited to the following:

  • ovulation problems
  • fallopian tube obstruction
  • uterine abnormalities
  • problems with sperm production or function
  • problem with sperm delivery
Though all of these, you need to be further assessed or investigate by our urologist.


This will need to be investigate by either medical examination or tests. Usually physical examination will be done by our urologist and further test such as:
For female-

  • transvaginal ultrasound
  • blood tests (hormonal level)
  • hysterosalpingography (to check the fallopian tubes and uterus conditions)
  • ovarian reserve testing
For male-
  • semen analysis
  • blood tests (hormone levels and testosterone levels)
  • testicular ultrasound
  • genetic testing (which can affect fertility)
  • testicular biopsy
For treatment options, you may want to discuss with our urologist for consultation.