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Computed Tomography (CT)

What is Computed Tomography?


CT scan is an X-ray technique that uses a series of view taken at multiple angles to produce a cross-sectional images of the structures inside the body. Advantages in doing so over conventional X-ray which are limited to 2 dimension, CT images are reconstructed in 3 dimension and allow for a better presentation of anatomic information

CT Scan of a human skull

The Siemens Biograph mCT Flow

ML've Medical Diagnostic Suite uses Siemens Biograph mCT Flow to perform our medical imaging scans, which uses Flowmotion. Flowmotion is state-of-the-art technology to provide accurate and clear images for analysis.


The Siemens Biograph

The Advantages of the Flowmotion Technology


FlowMotion technology is a major revolutionary step for PET acquisition. FlowMotion works by continuously moving the patient through the PET FOV – similar to the motion patients experience during a CT scan – and has the following major benefits over stop and go:


1) Improved lesion delineation for increased diagnostic confidence

  • Improved accuracy can change treatment in 40% of Head and Neck cancer cases.

(Yamamoto Y, et al. “Head and Neck Cancer: Dedicated FDG PET/CT Protocol for Detection – Phantom and initial Clinical Studies”. Radiology)

  • The system offers LSO crystal with high resolution (4.7mm@ 1cm) improving resolution and lesion delineation

  • Improved diagnostic accuracy may reduce costly rescans and additional follow-up examinations

2) Accurate Quantification and consistent image quality

  • FlowMotion technology eliminates overlapping bed acquisitions while maintaining uniform noise sensitivity across the entire scan range, enabling quantitative accuracy in all dimensions while offering consistent image quality throughout the field of view.


3) Minimum Dose and Maximum Speed for patient safety and satisfaction

  • FlowMotion allows easy anatomy-based scan planning where only the desired area is scanned unlike other step-and-shoot scan may lead to CT over scanning over the desired scan range.

  • Eliminating CT overscan because of precise PET acquisition brings lowest dose and reduces radiation risk enabling more utilization of PET/CT for treatment monitoring


4) Patient Comfort

  • Biograph mCT Flow is the first-and-only PET/CT to combine a large 78 cm bore with FlowMotion’s continuous sense of scan progress, accommodates a wider range of patients and offers patient comforts

  • Increased patient comfort during the acquisition especially for large & claustrophobic patient

Courtesy of Siemens Healthineer for providing the above images and details

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